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 RCCG Freedom Connections 

'' Setting the captive free, Raising the end time Army''

I have always asked the question in my heart. Why Freedom Connections? Despite the number of churches increasing everyday.

I was reading through the gospel of John when the Holy Spirit used the story in John 8vs 31-38 to explain the purpose of Freedom Connections. The Jews during the days of Jesus told him that because they are the seed of Abraham they have never been in bondage to anyone.

Jesus replied that whoever commits sins is the servant of sin and needs to be set free. The same is true in our world today. Many don't realise that, they are in bondage and need to experience the liberty through Christ Jesus our Lord. This particular story gave birth to the vision and purpose of Freedom Connections.

  • To see people experience the saving grace of our Lord Jesus.
  • A place people will experience liberty from the bondage of sin.
  • A place to experience the love of Christ in its totality.
  • A place we demonstrate the love of Christ to the unchurch.
  • A love for Jesus.
  • A love for the scriptures.
  • A love for the people of God.